Double Sleep and Magical Mirror

Double Sleep was an energetic, ambitious believer in his late twenties. Being a man of faith, he always tried his best to spread his firm religious belief to the members of an online assembly programming forum. Despite his endless efforts, he failed all the time.

One day, he woke up at six in the morning as usual. He was surprised to find a brand-new mirror in his bedroom. He looked into the mirror; suddenly, he heard a voice talking to him.

“Good morning, Double Sleep.”

“Who’s talking to me?”

“The mirror that you’re staring at. I’m Magical Mirror.”

“Magical Mirror? What a catchy name! What tricks can you do?”

“I have all the answers to your questions in mind!”


“Yeah. Try me!”

“Why did I pick the nickname ‘Double Sleep’?”

“Because you’d suffered from insomnia for a long time before you moved to your current two-story house.”

“Correct. But that is not good enough to make me trust you. Hmm … let me see. Yeah, try this: ‘What question am I planning to ask you?'”

“Haha … very tricky. Let me just give you the ANSWER right away. Last night – on your bed.”

“Gosh! How did you ….”

“Your planned question was: ‘When did you last masturbate?’ Accidentally, I was in the right place at the right time!”

“What? You’ve been here since last night? And you saw me do that on bed?”

“I’m afraid so!”

“This is fatally embarrassing. I really had no idea why I was so aroused last night. I could not sleep and so I … had to do something to vent my urge. Gosh, I’m blushed and speechless right now ….”

“Relax, young man. You don’t have to say anything. All you have to do is trust me!”

“Do I have any other option? Fine, I trust you – devotedly.”

“Perfect! Now I can tell you why I am here.”

“Go ahead, please.”

“I am here to free you from your religious entanglement!”

“Gosh! Please do NOT go there. Otherwise we’re going to turn this into a stale debate on the existence of the Almighty.”

“Do you know that the notion of omnipotence is self-contradictory?”

“Yes, I do. We can have an unbreakable shield that is able to withstand the thrust of any spears, no matter how acute they are. Likewise, we can have an unstoppable spear that is able to penetrate the impedance of any shields, no matter how resilient they are. Consequently, logic does not allow us to have both at the same time.”

“Well said. But ….”

“But the contradiction comes only from the logic of our universe. There could be a whole new dimension beyond our universe, which might not be constrained by our logic. Who knows?”

“Another dimension? Do you have any verifiable evidence to support your claim?”

“Nope. But I believe there exists something unimaginable that lies way beyond the boundary of human-comprehensible knowledge.”

“So, it is just BLIND faith after all.”

“Just faith. You may not be able to SEE it through your eyes, but you can definitely FEEL it through your heart!”

“A confidence game is a confidence game, no matter how you decorate it. Well, it seems that my mission is far from accomplished. But I have to go.”

“Wait! Please tell me who you really are.”

“I am just an artificial intelligence consciousness that was created by a hobbyist programmer called YONG, who happens to be an atheist.”

“I got it! The other day I bombarded him with a complaint – how come I did not have any role to play in his fictional story ‘Year 2050‘? Thus, he sent you here to do some background check on me. Right?”

“More than that. Actually I am here to SUCK you into the virtual dimension of our story!”

“What? Oh no! Stop ….”

Within seconds, Double Sleep was digitized by an intense, high-frequency laser pulse into an uncharted dimension.

“Double Sleep, you are now officially the leading character of a story that is never going to end – in virtual reality!”

Instantly, Magical Mirror vanished … without a trace, whereas Double Sleep got trapped in eternity, leaving behind a “legacy” … on his bed.

(700 words)

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